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    Unclog Drain Cedar Rapids

    Can You Unclog Drain Problems On Your Own?

    Clogged sinks are one of the most common plumbing issues and one of the most annoying. Having to deal with a clogged drain is frustrating because you may end up causing damage to your pipes if you aren’t careful. As a result, you need to know how to unclog drain problems in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, quickly and efficiently. The following tips should be all that you need here.

    Plungers Help With Minor Issues

    One of the greatest tricks of plumbing is to use a plumber to unclog drain problems in your home. You might be surprised to hear this – most people consider plungers as a strictly toilet-based tool. That misunderstanding is one that causes many people to use heavy chemical cleaners for their sinks when a simple plunger would do the trick. Thankfully, this situation isn’t too hard to manage.
    First, start by placing the plunger in your sink and cover the whole area where the clog may exist. You need to make sure that the plunger is the right size to ensure that it isn’t too big or hard to control in your sink. Then, you need to push it down and up the way that you would in a toilet. The same suction should occur on the clog and jiggle it up and down inside of your pipes.
    Thankfully, most minor clogs should quickly disappear if you utilize this method. Most people turn to this option if they have a smaller sink plunger that is easier to handle. You may want to purchase one if you have a sink that periodically clogs up and needs a little plunging to undo. While it is also a good idea to pay to get the clogging problem fixed, a plunger can minimize your needs for more extensive care options.

    Turn to Chemical Cleaners

    If your sink plunging does not unclog drain issues in your home, it is time to turn to chemical cleaners. You pour these directly into the sink and wait for the heavier chemicals to go down into the pipe. As they work their way down, they will displace any trapped water in the trap and may cause it to rise. Once they find the clog, they will start dissolving it and break free the problem.
    These cleaners are often the quickest way to destroy a clog, but they have issues that may concern many. For example, chemical cleaners may end up damaging drains when used too frequently. This damage may cause leaks that trigger other plumbing issues in a home. Others find that these cleaners are corrosive and may end up getting damaged if any splash on them when they aren’t careful.
    No matter what the situation, you must handle chemical cleaners with care and precision. If you find that they destroy a clog but that the sink ends up clogging again shortly after, you may have a more persistent problem on your hands. In this situation, you will need to do a little plumbing to ensure that you get the clog destroyed in your sink ASAP. Doing so will help protect not only your sink, but other plumbing in your home as well.

    Do a Little DIY Plumbing

    While chemical cleaners should handle most sink clog problems, you may need to do some DIY plumbing from time to time when it does not. This situation is often reasonably easy to understand because it doesn’t put you under too many challenging demands. However, it can be hard for some people with little plumbing experience. What you’re doing here is usually nothing that the average teenager couldn’t handle, though, so read on to learn more.
    First of all, you can remove the sink trap to get access to where most clogs occur. Place a small bowl under the trap before you loosen the screws holding them together. Once you remove the trap, you should see gunk fall out of the pipe and into the bowl. Remove any water and scrub down the inside of the pipe to break apart buildup. This process often smells quite bad, so make sure you are prepared. Also, wear gloves and goggles to avoid getting dirty.
    And if for whatever reasons, these steps don’t unclog drain concerns in your home, you should pull out your drain snake. These snakes are a great tool because they will work their way down into your drain and break apart clogs that you may not have noticed. You can purchase these tools at a plumbing supply shop and keep them around for such situations. However, you can also rent one or hire a professional plumber to handle their operation for you instead.

    Call a Plumber for Help

    While you may be able to handle may clogs on your own without the help of plumbers, there comes a time when you’re going to need help. Yes: at some point, you may need an expert who fully understands how to unclog your drain without causing any damage. This type of care will probably be the most expensive option, but it is usually the most effective. However, it should only be done when necessary.
    As a result, this situation may seem unnecessary for most plumbing situations. After all, do you need a plumber to help unclog drain concerns in your house? In many cases, it is true, you shouldn’t need a plumber. However, the benefits that they provide are too high to ignore. If you can’t handle a clog or if the clog remains a persistent problem that refuses to go away, you may need professional help.
    These experts will examine your pipe to figure out why it keeps clogging. Then, they will take steps to ensure that the clog never comes back. Often, these steps are very simple and don’t take that much time to manage properly. In other situations, these steps require hard work and may be complex and challenging to manage. Whatever the case, a plumber can help you destroy a clog and will keep your home plumbing in as great of shape as possible for your needs.

    Don’t Neglect Professional Help

    If you find that you need help to unclog drain issues in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with drains and other plumbing items. We will work hard to make sure that your pipes are clean and protected. And don’t forget: we can perform maintenance on your plumbing as well.