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    Tips When You Have to Do Sewer Cleaning Yourself

    Cleaning a sewer on your own can be a complex process if you don’t fully understand what you are doing. Many mistakes are possible, each of which can cause further complications. Thankfully, the following tips on sewer cleaning protect Cedar Rapids, Iowa homes from many of these problems. Just as importantly, these steps can also ensure that your home’s sewer runs as efficiently as possible and can protect your financial situation by avoiding expensive repairs as well.

    Find Sewer-Safe Flushable Products

    While there are many products for sewer cleaning that may seem appropriate for your toilet, this situation is more complicated than you may think. Some products are designed more for sinks and not toilets. As a result, they may end up causing some complications with your bathroom if you try to flush them. This problem is one that can make clogs and other situations even worse for you than you might have previously imagined.
    For example, certain types of chemical cleaners are safe for sinks but may not be appropriate for toilets. Other cleaners are designed to be one-time use items and may cause damage if you use them repeatedly. Correctly understanding the use of these tools can help you out in many ways. Just as importantly, carefully reading the product descriptions before you use them is critical to ensure that you don’t make any cleaning mistakes.
    When shopping for these items, make sure to read through the description to see how they are used. Some will tell you what kind of drains down which they should be used. They should explicitly state that they can be used in a toilet. If you don’t see this kind of text saying that you can use them in bathrooms, you may want to avoid using them. Doing so could protect your sewer from severe damage and avoid other plumbing issues.
    When it comes to toilets, only use flushable products that are sewer safe. If you are running a business, make sure that you advise customers and employees to use the sewer systems responsibly. You can minimize risk by only making the correct flushable materials available and by providing bins inside bathrooms for disposal of non-flushable items.

    Know How to Spot Blockages

    When you’re considering sewer cleaning for your home, you need to know how to spot the signs of potential blockage. This issue is one that many homeowners may not fully understand or which may be too complicated for some to grasp without help. Simply put, there is a good chance that you may experience some problems if you don’t know how to find blockages in your pipes and manage them properly with cleaning methods.
    For example, a clogged sink happening once is probably not a symptom of severe blockage. Simply put, many problems can cause a drain to get clogged one time and may not be related to sewer blockage at all. However, repeated clogs may be related to deeper problems. You may be particularly concerned about this issue if you find multiple drains in your house, such as several sinks and your toilet, all unexpectedly clog around the same time.
    Pay attention to when your clogs occur in your home and figure out what kind of activities seem to herald them. Do they tend to happen when one sink clogs and others start to follow suit? Or do they occur when you flush certain items down the toilet? The problem here is often one that occurs deep in your sewer. When it does, you are going to need high-quality cleaning to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Professional help may be the best choice in this situation, too.

    Don’t Ignore Your Garbage Disposals

    Many people don’t pay enough attention to their garbage disposal when considering cleaning processes. Unfortunately, many people often treat their disposal like it is a magical device that automatically handles all waste with no trouble. That is clearly not the case when it comes to these disposals. While garbage disposals can handle much waste, they aren’t designed to handle an infinite amount of items in your home.
    As a result, your garbage disposal can easily clog up and cause problems with your sewer. Even worse, they may send a large amount of waste down the drain that ends up clogging your pipes. When this happens, your home is going to suffer, and your plumbing may get very damaged. Many people experiencing this problem often find that they can’t figure out why they need sewer cleaning. That’s because the garbage disposal is so poorly understood.
    As a result, you need to focus on flushing only a small amount of food and debris down your drains and only when absolutely necessary. Run your disposal for at least five seconds to destroy all debris. And run water while you use the disposal to break apart these items further. You may also need to check your debris container from time to time to ensure that it isn’t too full. Otherwise, your sewer may end up getting quite clogged and unable to manage these problems properly.

    Get Expert Professional Help

    While you may think that you can clean your sewer without professional help, there comes a time when you need to admit defeat. There’s no shame in calling a plumber who fully understands how to protect your plumbing and keep it as secure as possible. These experts can come to your house, clean your sewer, and maintain the results. Critically, they can also perform other maintenance steps that keep your home and its plumbing in great shape for years to come.
    For example, professionals can manage your sewer cleaning by taking all of the steps that make you uncomfortable or which seem too hard to handle. You might be surprised at just how dirty this cleaning can be if you don’t perform it correctly. In many cases, you may even have to contact experts if you don’t think that a problem has developed. That’s because sewer issues are often very deep underground and can be quite impossible to manage without help.
    Lastly, you should get professional plumbing help to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that compromise your plumbing. While sewer cleaning may seem easy in many ways, doing it properly often requires you to perform many complex repairs that can be quite hard to handle without expert precision. When you call a plumber to manage them, you do yourself a favor by eliminating problematic buildup that can seriously damage your home and your belongings.

    Let Our Experts Clean Your Sewer

    If you find that you can’t handle DIY sewer cleaning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning right away to learn more about how we can help you. Our experts have years of experience in their field and will do what is necessary to protect your home. Just as importantly, we can provide these repairs at reasonable prices and will strive to ensure that you don’t spend too much money in the process.