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Over the years, you’ve probably had to unclog drain concerns in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, homes, and you aren’t sure why they keep coming back. Unfortunately, most DIY fixes don’t handle the root cause of your clogs and leave you open to more as they worsen. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to a professional to ensure that you don’t run into the common problems and mistakes below.

You Did Nothing to Manage Hair Problems

When you unclog drain issues in your home, you’re going to notice right away that hair is one of the most common things you’re going to find inside a drain. Hair is a common problem because it does not break down, like other substances, and has a way of getting wrapped around other items in the drain. Even worse, the hair also tends to fall off in places where a person is near a drain or source of water.

For example, many people notice that their shower drain is often clogged up with hair. This problem is expected because the shower is where people wash their hair, causing small amounts to fall off. Even a small amount can build up over time and trigger a big issue. Typically, hair is one of those problems that starts off slow and then becomes a real problem that is hard to manage.

As a result, when you unclog drain problems, you need to install hair gates and other screens to keep it from getting into your drain. However, few homeowners think to take this step because they aren’t aware that it is necessary or that such procedures exist. Thankfully, professionals can help you here and give you the best chance of keeping hair out of your drain for good.

Poor Cleaning Procedures

When most people try to unclog drain issues in their home, they typically don’t take the time to understand just why they occur. As a result, they may use cleaning processes that aren’t that great or may only delay the inevitable with a drain. For example, many may find that using a plunger helps break apart some clogs but only temporarily in most cases.

And they may use medium-strength drain cleaners that seem to help at first but only provide a temporary level of protection. This concern can become a real issue as your home ages because clogs can put pressure on your pipes and other elements of your plumbing system, making it necessary for you to call in a professional to manage this situation for you.

And the abuse of many types of chemical cleaners may also cause a similar problem. These cleaners may eat away at the pipes’ interior and open them up to many kinds of leaks. Even worse, there’s a good chance that some tools – such as plumbing snakes – may also cause a lot of damage if they aren’t appropriately handled or used by a homeowner who doesn’t get what they are doing.

Poor Kitchen Waste Management Processes

Many homeowners seem to operate under the idea that their sinks and drains are magical and that they can accept just about anything into them with no difficulty. This misconception is a real issue because it can cause them to flush items like fat, oil, grease, and even food down the sink drain or a toilet, causing a buildup of various types of things that can become nearly solid in their intensity.

For example, many types of grease solidify as they cool and coat your pipes’ interior after you pour them down. Even worse, some types of food may end up absorbing water and expanding in a tube, causing some damage to the pipe interior that may be hard to manage. This problem often occurs when you unclog drain issues but don’t take the proper steps to stop them from happening again.

As a result, you need to call experts who can unclog drain problems without leaving behind any issues in your home. We do hate to sound like a broken record here, but even minor clogs often require professional help because it is crucial to stop these clogs from spreading and becoming worse and to take them out at their source before they impact your home for good.

Don’t Let Clogs Destroy Your Home

As you can see, when you unclog drain problems in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, without expert help, you’re going to put your home at more risk than it needs. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning right away to learn more about how we can help you. Our experts have years of experience providing this type of protection and will do what is necessary to ensure that you don’t run into any complications.