uncloging pipes

Drain problems can be very frustrating and may recur multiple times without warning. As a result, you need to know how to unclog drain issues Cedar Rapids, Iowa residents like you have had to deal with for years. Thankfully, this process shouldn’t be too hard if you’re ready to work with us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning. Though DIY drain cleaning can be very beneficial when done correctly, a growing number of people are turning to professional help to ensure that they get the best results.

Baking Soda – An Old-Fashioned Remedy

Over the years, many people have mixed baking soda and vinegar together – one-third cup of each poured directly down the drain – to break apart clogs. When combined, these two items naturally break apart organic materials, including hair, that can clog up many pipes. Typically, it should take anywhere from one hour to a whole night to break apart these clogs and regain your sink.

This option is one of the better DIY options for those who want to manage their drain issues properly. The only trouble you’re going to run into is with drains that are clogged with very heavy materials. Though baking soda and vinegar should quickly destroy paper and other types of organic matter, metal and other items won’t break apart. As a result, other methods may be necessary.

Wire Hangers – Simple and Effective

When trying to unclog drain problems, you may want to take a reasonably direct approach to achieve your goal. For example, many people simply straighten out a wire coat hanger and work it down into the drain of their sink. This option is a very direct one and requires you to create a small hook at the end that you can use to break apart and pull out any issues and clogs in your sink.

However, this choice does have its limitations. It can only go as far as the wire can stretch, which means that deeper clogs will be missed. This option is also going to be pretty gross – you’re going to pull out some pretty nasty gunk that may make you gag. As a result, we can only recommend this choice if you have a strong stomach and can handle some gross smells and visuals.

Hot Water – The Simplest Solution

If you don’t have any specialized cleaners at the house or just want a quick solution, this may be the choice for you. Start by putting a large pot of water on the stove and waiting for it to bowl. As you wait, use a plunger on the sink to potentially loosen the clog a little. Now, once the water is boiling, carefully pour it down the drain, with a few seconds between each pour, to break the clog.

The only real issue with this problem lies in its inherent simplicity. Though hot water can break apart a large number of small or even surprisingly large drain issues, it often isn’t enough to thoroughly clean a pipe. The lack of other cleaning elements means that this method can sometimes be limited or may require you to try out a few different options before you go this relatively simple route.

Wet Vacuum – Powerful and Easy

Another powerful way to unclog drain problems that don’t want to go away is to use a wet vacuum. Typically, you’re going to want to either rent or buy a wet and dry shop vacuum to perform this task. They are slightly different than a typical standard wet vac but still perform a very similar role. Set the vacuum to the liquid option and carefully cover up the pipe hole to get started.

Make sure that the suction pipe is as tight as possible to the sink before you turn on the vacuum. Now, the suction will likely break apart the clog and bring it up into your vacuum bag. You should hear a pretty loud clunk in the bag if this approach works. If it doesn’t, don’t be too upset – many people try this option without trying to break up the clog first with other care choices.

Caustic Soda – A Very Delicate Treatment Option

The methods above should handle most clogs, but some types can be persistent or hard to manage. As a result, you may want more devastating care options. Before calling a professional, you can purchase sodium hydroxide – caustic soda – to pour down the drain. This option is among the most reliable and most effective DIY care options but should only be done if you’re confident with your skills.

The biggest issue with this solution is that it can be among the most dangerous for some people. That’s because caustic soda can cause chemical burns if you don’t handle it properly. As a result, you should always wear gloves, goggles, and a protective apron while handling it. And when pouring, make sure to pour slowly and leave it for just 20-30 minutes. Any longer could damage certain types of pipes.

Professional Help – Your Can’t-Miss Solution

When all else fails, you may just want to invest in professional help to unclog drain problems. This option is a wise one if you keep running into persistent clogs that just won’t break apart. Often, this means that there is something wrong with the pipe that care options like baking soda simply can’t break apart. For example, there may be a very large backup of hair that just won’t get destroyed or pass.

Professional help is often a good choice because they’ll have many tools that perform similar steps to the ones seen here. For example, a plumber snake is a more significant, more useful, and beneficial variation on the bent-wire routine. And their chemical cleaners are more durable, more capable of breaking apart clogs, and designed to handle a surprising array of different issues with your drain without breaking a sweat.

Don’t Let This Problem Worsen

As you can see, it isn’t as hard to unclog drain problems in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as you may have imagined. All you have to do is try out a few different methods, and you shouldn’t have an issue. And, if you call us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning, you can ensure that you do everything right. Our experts have years of experience with drain problems and know how to clean them out. So instead of getting burned with caustic soda, just call us to handle your drain issues. You’ll be glad that you did.