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    Grease Trap Pumping Cedar Rapids

    A Guide to Commercial Grease Trap Pumping

    A large number of businesses have grease traps that must be properly cleaned from time to time to protect them from grave danger. Thankfully, the best commercial grease trap pumping Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer should protect your business and keep it safe for years to come. Follow this guide to make sure that you fully understand this process and how it benefits your needs the best.

    Types of Traps

    When it comes to grease trap pumping, the first thing that you must know is what kind of trap you possess. You may think that these traps are all the same, but this is not the case. There are currently three different types of grease traps on the market. Each possesses slightly different capabilities and works best for different situations. Thankfully, they are quite easy to differentiate.
    The first type of grease trap is known as the passive hydro-mechanical grease interceptor. These traps are the kind that you see in most restaurants. They trap a large amount of grease quite quickly and keep it out of your plumbing. The design of these traps is quite simple, and just about anybody in your business should have the skills necessary to keep them clean and free of grease.
    The second type of grease trap is the automatic oil and grease cleaning systems. These are fully automated systems that will clean out grease and oil in your commercial facility. Each is designed to provide a comprehensive level of care that keeps you as grease-free as possible. Many larger businesses prefer these models because they do the work of multiple smaller grease traps.
    The third type of grease trap on the market is the pre-cast concrete gravity grease interceptors. These are the most significant types and will collect the most amount of grease for your facility. Typically, these are designed to require grease trap pumping to operate correctly. However, you can also get pumping for any of these traps, should you want it. As a result, you should consider your options carefully and ask experts for advice and recommendations.

    The Nature of Grease Pumping

    Pumping grease traps consists of identifying a build-up of grease and working to manage it properly. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is work with a professional to manage this issue effectively. However, some business owners may try to handle it on their own. This decision is often not a wise one. That said, it can be done if you are patient and learn the full process. The basic guidelines are included below in the next few paragraphs.
    The grease trap pumping process a relatively simple one to manage. Usually, it starts with a professional checking your grease trap levels. At this point, they will decide how much must be pumped from your traps. In most cases, the answer is going to be “all of the greases.” Whatever the case, they will hook up hoses that slowly and carefully remove grease from your traps and store it in a safe container on a truck.
    After all the grease has been pumped from your traps, the next step is to dispose of it. Many people simply throw their grease in the garbage. However, this is a dangerous idea because you may trigger fires or other issues. In some cases, you may even cause health issues. As a result, you need to make sure that you dispose of your grease at a facility that processes and cleans these fluids.
    All of these benefits make grease trap pumping an excellent choice for many different facilities. Whether you are a restaurant with many small grease traps or an industrial facility with an enormous grease trap demand, you can benefit from pumping. And if you want to eliminate grease from your facility, you should go with professional help. Trying to do this alone is never a good idea.

    Why Professional Help is Smart

    Though you may think that you have the skills necessary to pump your grease traps, we urge you to contact professionals to get the help that you need. Pumping grease traps may seem simple at first, but can quickly become an issue. That’s why the vast majority of commercial businesses focus on working with high-quality professionals to achieve the best results for their overall needs.
    First of all, these experts can work to ensure that you get the best cleaning possible for your home’s needs. This process includes checking your traps for any leaks, cleaning them out as thoroughly as possible, and working to protect them from malfunction. Doing so helps to keep your grease traps secure and ensures that you don’t make any mistakes when performing maintenance on these machines in any type of way.
    Just as importantly, many grease trap pumps need to be cleaned regularly to keep them safe from any danger. Do you know how to do this type of cleaning? If you are like the average business person, you probably don’t. As a result, you may end up damaging the equipment that you purchase or rent. When this happens, you are going to end up experiencing a financial loss that can be quite extensive.
    Lastly, professionals know how to get rid of the grease that is pulled from your traps. While you may think that you have the skills necessary to perform this act, there is a good chance that you don’t. Not many people truly understand where to get rid of dangerous grease. As a result, high-quality professionals are a good idea for your grease trap pumping. It helps to avoid any problems.

    Who to Contact for Help

    So if you need the best grease trap pumping Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has to offer, please contact us at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning right away to learn more. Our professionals are among the best and most trusted experts in their fields. They will take the time to perform various repairs, and cleaning techniques on your business’ grease traps to ensure that they are adequately pumped and clean.